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Climate Change and the Population Explosion
by Ian R Thorpe.

In all the debates about climate change and the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on the environment there is one issue that has a huge bearing on humanity's relationship with our planet that neither politicians nor scientists will discuss. Population growth. So a philosopher has to step up to the mark and ask why people are encouraged to have children when we face so many population related problems?

by Ian R Thorpe.
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Save the planet? Somehow it seems so last year. Cancn, December 2010, a climate change summit in which delegates who comprise mainly of academics and politicians whose self regard greatly exceeds their problem solving ability were persuaded to sign a motion calling for the banning of the worlds most abundant atmospheric pollutant, a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. It is of course dihydrogen oxide or water as it is commonly known (in its vapourous form of course), rated a lowly 81for column inches and broadcast minutes of coverage of coverage in the media (measured on the Tiger Woods Index method), while UK environment secretary Chris Huhne's apparent decision not to move in with his mistress rates 118. The BBC, having overspent on coverage of Strictly Come Dancing, The Royal Wedding and The Apprentice and facing the same kind of squeeze as everybody else has been forced to cut back on sending reporters to interview polar bears stranded on ice floes and penguins sunning themselves in tropical heatwaves on the beaches of Antarctica.

Recent protests and window smashing fests, the traditional pastime of disaffected youth have not been about melting ice caps or parched fields but about jobs, (lack of) university tuition fees, (abundance of) and Glastonbury festival tickets, (price of). Plus of course a general hatred of anyone who does not agree with the Marxist - Leninist world view inculcated in schools / universities by those who would impose an oligarchic collectivist system of government on the whole world.

You can explain the fading of interest and reduction of the fear and panic factor surrounding the climate change monster in many ways of course. Too much snow and record low temperatures in November, too many lectures from the Pope, Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie, too much attention focused on the more immediate politics of maxed out credit cards and rising prices. Altogether there is too much reality intruding on the woolly brained world of Warmageddon prophesiers. David Cameron, by his own reckoning the greenest Prime Minister of them all, hasn't exactly been replenishing the rainforests since he moved into Downing Street: and Ed Miliband, who knows the issues inside out, has simply left them out of his equation. Meanwhile Barack Hussein Obama is vacillating on his approach to cleaning and greening the environment as he realises getting Americans to ride bikes, turn off the air conditioning and only take two showers a week is going to be a very hard sell, even to those who still think voting the Incompetent In Chief into The White House was a really smart thing to do.

Maybe the lack of achievement at Cancn is good rather than bad news, after all if nothing is done it is impossible to do it wrong: but it isn't big news. Perhaps the best thing is we have learned after the distractions cause by the noisy but insubstantial lobbying of the climate science community, how little the environmental agenda impinges on real debate.

Think of the great structural deficit row, and look at what isn't being said said around its edges. In a rational world of the kind we hope the green movement would champion, no government would implement a system that pays unemployed people more government money to have more children. Child benefits are the absolute logical opposite of the social policies needed. Do we want a UK population leaping to 75 million before we're halfway through the twenty - first century? Do we want Britain to add an extra 1,000 people a day to the population? If we do it was, was it not, a very bad idea to export all the jobs to low labour cost nations of the far east, eastern Europe, Africa and South America so that we have no work to occupy all those people.

I am not by any stretch of the imagination a religious person but I can see a lot of sense in that old proverb, "The Devil makes work for idle hands." And with 40 million or so idle hands to occupy The Devil will have to be at his most creative.

It is no longer immigration that's principally fuelling such estimated figures for population growth although had sensible immigration controls been in operation the population of the UK would have remained static since the end of the 1960s. What we have now is "natural change" (aka known as births against deaths), the new British people whose parents and grandparents arrived in the 1950s and 60s are still steeped in the culture of their ancestors homeland which held that big families are a blessing. So long as we back that up with a financial reward there will never be adaptation to the European culture of self replacement. The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the left that greets any suggestion a cut in the benefits range or cash support for parents is almost deafening. And all the time politicians of all parties keep parroting the politically correct mantra of 'abolishing child poverty'.

It many not be apparent how such policies impact on the environmental debate. In the antechambers of conference centres from Kyoto to Copenhagen to Cancun 'experts' base their climate change forecasts on estimates of world population that are so conservative they make the average Amish community look like a bunch of radicals. Because debate has been stifled by spurious claims that 'the science is settled' there are no policies or research projects that have attempted to address the links between climate problems and global population growth. And yet population growth in the underdeveloped world continues to grow exponentially. Take Pakistan as an example. This poor country, dependent on the generosity of western taxpayers is up to 180 million population now from 130 million in 1997 and is still growing at a rate that accelerates with each generation; Bangladesh, a tiny country with a land area less than that of England, not Britain but England, has 164 million mouths to feed somehow from a largely peasant economy. Nigeria, perpetually on the brink of tribal war, has 156 million people. India, at nearly 1.2 billion and with no single child policy because such a law could never be enacted in a democracy is hard on China's heels.

What about China itself, with 1.4 billion Chinese has the single child policy not been a huge failure.

China's "one child" policy, which may have stopped 250-400 million births, on official calculations, is not a polite subject for discussion in the politically correct debating chambers of the west. The social engineering of the Chinese communist party oligarchs is often lumped together with Beijing's long list of human rights abuses. Affluent, executive class Westerners may have their happy event, may say things like, "four is the new three" and may wonder if the SUV will have to be traded for an MPV but in third world nations the impact of another child can be a matter of life and death, not least for the mother.

Set all that alongside some London School of Economics research last year for the Optimum Population Trust. Their figures suggest it costs 5 on family planning to abate a tonne of CO2 against 15 for wind power and 31 for solar power. In short, too many happy (or perhaps unhappy for a peasant farmer trying to support himself, a wife, six children and a couple of aged parents from less than an acre of poor soil) events equal global misery. It's the brutal reality that all the weasel words of official communiques and press releases will never mention.

Will the world in 2051 have grown from 6.8 billion to the 9-10 billion range of current cautious predictions? Even those figures cast a giant shadow over food supplies, sustainability and the rest. "A perfect storm" of crises by 2030, according to HMG's chief scientific adviser. Yet nothing is done. Nothing ensues from the hugely expensive jollies in exclusive resorts for public servants and academics conferences except more blether about carbon trading, more talk about the infallibility of computer generated mathematical models and demands for bigger research grants and more clever boys toys.

It is a brave writer (or one who does not need to earn a living and so does not give a flying fuck what anyone thinks,) who will even consider writing in such terms. The eighteenth century satirist Jonathan Swift, in his A Modest Proposal, suggested roasting plump Irish babies for the gentry in the event of a Malthusian social collapse. Would Dave Cameron or Nico Sarkozy, Barry Obama or Frau Merkel dare to sign laws encouraging fewer babies by cutting family benefits? The 'progressive left' would be screaming about an attack on human rights and claiming institutional racism even though the law would apply equally to everybody. It would be seen as electoral suicide although if anybody had the nerve to try it they might find their poll ratings went up very sharply. In fact nobody's rights weould be infringed, everybody would have the right to have as many children as they wished. Taxpayers however would be relieved of the duty to pay for the upbringing of those children.

During its years in power from 1997 to 2010 the UK Labour Party made a great deal of political capital out of the issue of child poverty. The poorest children however were either in large families or single parent families. Child poverty, in a nation like the UK with a comprehensive welfare system, is largely the result of parental irresponsibility. We should not let hand wringing liberals hoodwink us into believing 'child poverty' is (a) sperable from adult poverty or old age poverty or (b) somehow the fault of 'society'. If there is a sector of society that has caused more miseery than we should be comfortable with it is the media, advertizing and PR industry which has worked to raise expectations beyond anything the economic infrastructure of even the richest nations can support. And look how many media and advertizing executives and creatives are avid lefties. Ordinary people, be they English, American, German or from any of the truly advanced nations can see the sense of not having more children than they can afford to bring up. On the other hand (and I can't speak for anywhere except Britain on this) there are people living on sink estates who have never held a job but made a career out of having large families. Learn how to play the system and the lifestyle can be quite opulent. Would any politician tread in the footsteps of Jonathan Swift and dare to go even further, to say that health policies aimed at promoting longer life, thus swelling the proportion of very old dependents in the population, does not make economic sense either. We will need more young people paying higher proportions of their income in taxes to look after the old but if we cannot support a population 77 million, what we really need is less of everyone.

There are some areas where fear of setting the 'progressive left' off on a 'two minutes hate' session makes democratic debate fear to tread, some subjects, no matter how important they may be to society that are too controversial for modern politicians who are loath to lost a single vote by saying something that might upset some member of some oddball minority. So we're left with very modest proposals, a lot of talk about policies that amount to the west consuming more while shifting production and pollution to the undeveloped world as demonstrated in The Madness Of The Carbon Accounting System and a lot of pseudo scientists waving graphs and chanting statistics like a Hare Krishna Temple meeting chants mantras.

Last year saving the planet was a challenge that couldn't be shirked. This year it is vying with Obama's birth certificate as the unmentionable issue.

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