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Food Fascists, Meat Me Halfways
by Ian R Thorpe.

The food fascists are on the mrch again, demovising healthy meat eating, promoting a diet high in starches, chemicals and all the foods evolution had not prepared our bodies to deal with. Forget the fake science, if you eat a happy meal it is the bun and fries that will kill you, not the burger

Food Fascists, Meat Me Halfways
by Ian R Thorpe.
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The Politically Correct Thought Police are on the march again. Nanny State is going to be wagging her finger and telling us all off us off for eating too much red meat in the next few months. You must eat no more than 500 grams per week, children! And then only if it has been boiled so long it resembles warm, soggy blotting paper. Do you want to grow two heads and end up working in a hospital laundry? she warns.

Half a Kilo? That is about 1.1 lb per in proper money, which is about 3 or 4 rashers of bacon a day.

The aim is to ward off bowel and other intestinal cancers, which of course is a a good thing. Or is it? Because the science that 'proves red meat is a health hazard is very dodgy indeed.

Never mind though, Nanny has demonised smoking, is well on the way to demonising drinking, has established than any who likes fizzy drinks had a bad mother and a brutish, abusive father. She has set up insidious fear and panic campaigns to wean us off sex and dreamed up the entire climate science scam to put us of joyously driving exciting cars. Soon there will not much fun to be had as we sit around, bored out of our tiny minds, reading 'improving literature' about the lives and tragic deaths of Outer Mongolian campaigners for equal rights for gay Yak herders. Life will consist of being born going to school to be taught multiculturalism, civil rights studies, diversity awareness, feminism, history of oppression of the dark skinned races and have evil humans are destroying the planet, signing on, losing our marbles, being neglected in an NHS geriatric ward and dying as we lie thirsty and starving in our own shit in an NHS ward in which two nurses are trying to look after a million patients while being bossed about by 500 managers who all have different views of which paperwork as the highest priority.

But you need not worry. The idea that red meat is dangerous is an old Nanny state bullying trick but science behind is partly unreliable and partly just plain bonkers.

Most of us are not food addicts. Yes, the 50 stone man in the documentary was real but he is not typical. There are a handful of people who are too fat to wipe but they are not as numerous as Nanny State would have us believe. It takes years of dedication and perseverance to end up looking like a stack of doughnuts. Most of us at some time in our lives will have caught sight of mirror and thought: Fuck me, I look like a frog. A few will then embark on a program of comfort eating to help us cope with our unattractiveness. The majority however will realise its a good idea to eat less and get more exercise.

It really is that simple. We don't have to become vegans living on mung bean salads and beetroot smoothies a la Gillian McKeith, in fact most people would rather look like fifty stone man than Gruesone Gilly. Fortunately there are some food scientists who have proper degrees in medicine not qualifications in 'nutritional science' from the University of Justsendthemoney.com and who are prepared to challenge the orthodoxy of the government's tame scientists. Doctor John Briffa is one.

In his book Waist Disposal a number of eating plans are discussed which broadly recommend what can be called the Cave Man diet.

In a nutshell Dr Briffa points out that evolution prepared us for eating a diet of nuts, berries, shoots and RED MEAT. humankind has been around in the form we would recognise today for about between 70,000 years (Dr. Briffa obviously has not visited any inner city schools recently had he done so he might learn that our first truly human ancestors, Homo Sapiens Sapiens would have trouble recognising teenagers as being in any way related to them or even to the ape like creatures they evolved from. Our bodies are perfectly adapted to be strong and well on the diet of what we have been for most of that time since men first stood erect, hunter - gatherers.

Note the clue. HUNTER gatherers. Not tree hugging vegan gatherers.

He goes on to say that we are not particularly well adapted to the produce of arable farming; grain in all its forms, starchy vegetables, too much dairy and so forth. These only became at all commonplace some 3-4,000 years ago, and in evolutionary terms that is a fraction of a second second.

He also questions whether there is any reliable evidence of link between red meat consumption and intestinal cancer.

The book recommends that you avoid 'dieting'. Starving tells your body that there is a famine and causes it to react by trying to store energy whenever it can by storing fat. Hence the consequence of your diet is to tell your body to grab all the fat and calories it can when you start eating normally again. How many people do you know who have said, I've tried all the diets but all that happens is I pile it all back on again.

The Waist Disposal method recommends changing what you eat. It is not just about counting calories and reading nutritional information on labels. What matters more is what type of food contains your calories. Out go wheat and starch based products like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. In their place are lots of fresh vegetables, fruit (in lesser amounts) and reasonable amounts of protein in the form of eggs, fresh red meat and fresh fish. As someone else with similar ideas said, if you are having a McDonalds its not the burger that will kill you its the bun and the fries. Put plenty of low GI veg to alongside your meat because you need that too, for vitamins, trace elements and to 'keep things moving.'

Consuming fat is not a problem but it must be natural fat. Your body needs it, but wont store it unnecessarily if its receiving the right type of food. Saturated fat is not the killer. Think about the case of the Inuit Eskimos.

Food Fascists will tell you that eating fat is a very, very bad and foolish think thing for humans to do but the Inuit do well and live longish and very healthy lives on a diet which consists largely of fat, namely seal blubber.

Their bodies cope because are used to their all fat diet, are brought up on it from being weaned, no Heinz or Gerber banana mash or chicken and carrot puree for them. Because the body does not store healthy fats if it knows there is a regular supply our system uses what it needs and evacuates the rest. It is unnatural, processed fats that screw up our biological balance and get stored because the body does not know what to do with them. Give the Inuit buckets of blubber and theyll do well . Give them a pizza or a bucket of KFC and they will blow up like a puffa fish and die of congestive heart failure in minutes.

Another example of 'bad' diet, good health and long life is the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus, which has an unusually high life expectancy. The diet is rich in fruits, vegetables and red meat and fish. Olive oil is an important and regular ingredient. Garnished with red wine and cigarettes too, Cypriots are great drinkers and smokers, habits out Nanny State and the agents of the Thought Police tell us will result in almost instant death.

Processed food rather than red meat is the villain. It should be a no brainer but the government's scientific advisers seem unable to understand it. You are a hunter gatherer. Its just a hundred generations since your great great etc grandfather would eat a whole McMammoth at a time because he needed to. What he did not eat was processed fat. Thus in the last few decades the little chemist in our livers who smashes our food to bits molecule by molecule is doing his work like this:

Protien, OK. I'll use that to build muscle cells, cow fat, that's good, lots of hydrocarbons for energy, a bit of iron, a bit of calcium, potassium, yeah good, sod ... Hey WTF? This looks like a fat molecule but it has an extra hydrogen atom. What an I supposed to do with this - uh, I'll stash it round the waist thin in a couple of million years I'll know enough to deal with it.

You are designed to eat lot of seeds, berries, vegetables meat and blubber. You are not designed to eat hydrolysed vegetable fats, refined sugar, monosodium glutemate or artificial flavourings and colourings.

If you live solely on meat snacks, back coffee and Jack Daniels you may find your quality of life poor although many students seem to do it and thrive.

Another thing to bear in mind is do not binge. Not just on red meat but on cholcolate, cream pastries, lentilburgers, spring water (especially spring water) sugar, Big Macs, Prawn Crackers, whatever. Otherwise, in spite of the latest food health scare regular and moderate amounts of FRESH and properly cooked red meat are fine as a few treats now and them - as the old song says "A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good. What you are not designed to eat is coco pops, potato snacks, processed sugar, white bread (the same thing), Coca Cola, pizzas, Alco-pops and processed food which if they weren't marketed as food would be banned under the Geneva conventions against chemical warfare.

So once again the Health Nazis poke their noses into our private affairs with a message of misery which is ill informed and does not address the real issues. Their aim is to guilt trip us and to bully us further into becoming dependent on government to save us from our own folly.

The real issue, what truly threatens us is not your steak or your beer or wine. What Nanny State is really up to is bureaucratic control freakery, taking away from you all the responsibilities that are traditionally yours, usurping to herself the powers you as an individual have always enjoyed. Take the case of the 6 year child my wife and I saw careering round a supermarket glugging a da-glo coloured liquid from a plastic bottle. Ten to one shell be on Ritalin very soon. Her mother, a sad, sallow skinned woman who looked as though she had been told to expect little from life and still still been disappointed, showed no interest as she tipped junk food into her trolley. Such people no longer know how to buy or cook good, fresh food. It is the Coca Cola Corporation, the makers of highly processed convenience foods, the fast food restaurant chains, the supermarkets, purveyors of the cheap adulterated junk we are supposed to eat and even more the campaign fund phishing politicians who pander to these plutocrats that are to blame for the decline in general health .

Well my wife and I are both good cooks, we buy from a traditional local butcher who sells free range meat reared locally, one of the few remaining fruit and veg. stalls on the local street market, a craft baker and when we eat out it is in good restaurants. We are quite well off. The odds are staked against people who are not.

We can take on the corporate fascists who are poisoning our kids. I have, will you? I rather think some of you like them. Oh, you might find the idea of eating more healthily and naturally appealing. But are you up for the potato peeling, carrot paring and all the other tasks involved in putting a good meal on the table.

So come on food fascists, met me half way. I've no problem with promoting healthy eating so long as it is truly healthy eating and not politically correct eating.

Frying Pan Fascists
Nanny State and the food fascists who work for her have yelled at us about cigarettes, alcohol, sugar and idleness. Now these sad, busybody bansturbators are getting on our case about fat and fried food. But natural fat is not dangerous, only too much fat and the wronmg kind of fat is dangerous. And what is the wrong kind of fat. The highly procressed low fat spreads the bansturbators are always teling us is healthy. Science my arse.

Latest Fear and Panic Strategy: They Tell Us We Are All Going To Starve

Have you noticed it has all gone a bit quiet on climate change? After all that screaming and shouting from politicians and scientists it turns out the science was never settled. So now they need to spread fear and panic about something else. Guess what ... Food. We are all going to starve if we do not obey The New World Order. Who says? Statistics say and we all know statistics never lie don't we? A must read for independent minded people.

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Acohol Abuse Will Kill 250,000 A Year Unless Governmnt Acts say Control Freak Doctors
The Health fascists have been out in force this week. With reports on the dangers of alcohol, meat, salt and obesity published our resistance is being tested. The Daily Stirrer is on your side whether you like a drink, a bit of meat, a sprinking of salt on your food or you are a shade overweight. We are always happy to expose the dodgy scence and rigged evidence behind theses control freak fear and panic exercises.

Scientists And Politicians Attack The Food We Love, But Is It Science Or Just Control Freakery
A sustained campaign of misinformation by politicians, scientists, bureaucrats and the media have tried to brand fat and salt as the twin demons of the modern diet. Both however are essential to our wellbeing. So what are the bureaucrats, government and science lobby up to. What is the politics of food fascism. Are they just behaving as control freaks must or are they softening us up for extra taxes and government regulation of our dinner plates and the food we eat.

Face It: Eating Shite Makes You Fat And Ill
Governments are worried that we as a nation are getting too fat. Bigger ambulances and bigger prison cells are needed. They blame the public for lack of self control. But we are being brainwashed by advertisinf and the food industry into eating toxic chemicals that make us gain weight. Hilreious comedy rant.
Wealthy Nation Lifestyle Links To UK's High Cancer Rates Women in Britain are more likely to be be diagnosed with breast cancer than those in most other developed countries because of their unhealthy lifestyles, according to a new study. Analysis of data collected by the respected World Health Organisation shows Britain has higher rates of the potentially fatal disease than the USA, Australia, Germany and Spain. In only 10 of the 50 countries assessed by the researchers do women have a higher chance of ...

Millions Taking Statins Needlessly
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An authoritative review shows there is little evidence that the cholesterol-lowering drugs ...

Everything They Said Is Bad For You Is Good For You.Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pleasuredome Nanny State's Politically Correct Thought Police are now using CAll Me Dave's Dave's nudger try to nudge us towards being better citizens, eating more shite and refusing things we like, drinking less booze, smoking less ciggies, avoiding dangerous sports like bowls and tiddleywinks, driving less miles in a less cavalier fashion and being less idle (unless of course being idle is the alternative to driving, boozing, eating or enjoying yourself by doing things the Thought Police do not like.
The Cancer Of Modern Life
Medical research insititutes continue to spend vast amounts of money on cancer research and the less level headed types involved, the boy - scientists twiiter about finding a cure for cancer as if it were one disease with a single identifiable cause. New research however suggests cancer is just one of the hazards of modern life.
Your Shit Is Unique: More Shit Science From The No Shit Sherlock School Of Science Science is always looking for new worlds to explore, final frontiers to cross. We have reported on many branches of sciene, mouse, hockey stick, crocoldile and other but none more unappealing thaty the universe that exists up you arse. Now science has taken a great leap up the arse of humankind to explore the life of the shit uinverse and its many unique and individual life forms...

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Drugs OnlineOne of the few growth industries is the selling of fake prescription drugs online. So long as the drugs sold as viagra, vallium, ritalin etc are just sugar pills there is no harm done. It's when people buy the real thing the trouble starts...
Five a DayPower may well corrupt but it certainly removes those who hold it from reality. So as Gordon Brown squats in Downing Street hoping that a bizarre sequence of events will lead to him staying on as Prime Minister one cannot help but think The Gordon Show is turning into a Truman Show type movie fantasy
Keep Health Out Of PoliticsHave those government sponsored health scares about fats, alocohol, chocolate and ciggies ever got up your nose? No? They would if you knew the special advisors dreamed them up over brandy and cigars after a jolly good lunch.
Who Wants To Live ForeverNever a week and scarecely a day goes by without the latest shot in the wannabe global government's campaing of fear and panic being fired at us ordinary folk. It will relate to health, drink, drugs, diet or smoking. The lastest on the British front in this war on reality is a warning that air pollution in casusing 55,000 early deaths a year
The Misery PillWe have reported extensively both here and at the original Boggart Blog on the plague of obesity and the scourge of arse dribble that punishes those who seek a quick remedy in fat busting drug. Now the pharmeceutical indusrty has gone one better and created a pill that not only causes arse dribble, it makes people depressed as well.

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