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This Vaccine Madness Will Cause More Problems Than It Solves
by Ian R Thorpe.

A conference of world political leaders aiming to formulate a global policy on mass vaccination to 'eradicate killer diseases' takes place this week. But the developing nations can't feed their populations now so what will happen when infant mortality rates are vastly reduced.

Vaccines Will Not Eradicate Death
by Ian R Thorpe.
A conference of world political leaders aiming to formulate a global policy on mass vaccination to eradicate killer diseases' takes place in London this week. All the usual suspects will be preening and posing, playing hunt the photo opportunity, mouthing politically correct platitudes into any proffered microphone and generally pretending they care about the toll taken by killer diseases on the children of poverty stricken parents in developing nations and that they believe global mass vaccination schemes will really improve general health and eradicate disease. The truth of course is that all these self serving politicians care about is that they are seen to care about poverty, ill health and hunger by the voters in their homelands. Equally guilty are the major charities, no longer campaigning organisations responsible for raising their own funds but glorified QUANGOS (Quasi autonomous non governmental organisations), receiving most of their money from national governments, supra national development agencies that cluster under the United Nation umbrella and from self interested corporations out for a bit of good PR. The charities are subservient to the UN, surely the most useless and irrelevant organisation in the world unless its intended function is to shovel taxpayers money onto the bonfire of political vanities, and in league with the contractors who will administer the shots in these global vaccination programmes. It's all a great big Ponzi scheme. In an item shown on 10 June 2011 as part of "This Morning", a UK television news magazine, three silly, hand wringing, bleeding heart liberal, middle class females were blubbering and boo hooing about what a terrible toll disease takes on children in poor countries and how essential it is to persuade governments to sign up to these global vaccination programmes so that "millions of children's lives could be saved". Oh waily, waily. Complete and utter bullshit of course. These three smug bitches who all worked for charities notorious for providing jobs for otherwise terminally unemployable middle class lefties just wanted to be seen to be 'nice' people. It is tragic of course that so many children die in infancy in poor nations where life is often, to quote Thomas Hobbes, "nasty, brutish and short," but a thinking person in the prosperous developed nations should feel nothing but contempt for the bleeding heart lefties who stoop to such blatant emotional blackmail in their efforts to extort money from us via the tax system and power hungry politicians so they can fund jollies for themselves like conferences in London and fact finding missions to exotic parts of the globe. Their sentimentality about the terrible suffering of people in poor countries is purely self serving. Global charities and the agencies that benefit from overseas aid budgets are an industry, a job creation scheme for all the media studies and political science graduates the dysfunctional but politically correct education system has produced. Is there any evidence that the politically correct fuckwittery of the guilt tripped bleeding hearts ever helps anything? We should not be afraid to despise their tactics, as the African polymath Dambesa Moyo says, aid and charity from wealthy nation only results in a dependency culture. Ms. Moyo, a Zambian with higher degrees in chemistry and economics, has written several books on the relationship of Africa and the west and while condemning the developed nations' merciless exploitation of Africa's natural resources believe that aid programmes are prompted by guilt and do more harm than good. The "we must do something" mentality then with it's embedded if unarticulated demand for more taxpayers money to be thrown at the village tyrants who find it in their interests to uphold the mud hut dwelling, vagina mutilating cultures of sub Saharan Africa conveniently forgets that we have pored money into Africa for over half a century and most of it has poured straight out again into Swiss bank accounts. Nothing has improved as a result of our efforts to help, in fact things have become visibly worse. Perhaps Dambesa Moyo is right then. Only when Africa has the crutch of foreign aid pulled away from it will national and tribal communities learn to stand alone, live peaceably alongside each other and set about resolving their own problems, one of which is the birthrate. The three bleeding hearts on "This Morning" would have none of this of course, like all lefties and 'progressives' they are so lost in their own self righteousness they could not consider the possibility that a point of view differing from their should even be allowed to be heard, let alone that it might be right. This refusal to listen to other points of view leads them to the extremes of stupidity of course. "Waily, waily, governments must sign up to these global vaccination programmes," one of them whined, "so many children are dying of diseases that are preventable; two of the main killer are pneumonia and diarrhoea." Is that right? So we need to give people a vaccine and we will eradicate these killers? Let's see what the medial dictionary says:

"[Pneumonia is] ... caused by a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other types of organisms that evade the impressive range of defenses against them in the upper respiratory tract or enter through the mouth, evading the epiglottis. Malnutrition or conditions like kidney failure or sickle cell disease also impair the lung's ability to get rid of microorganisms that cause pneumonia. And viral infections of the upper respiratory tract can predispose a person to pneumonia because the viruses paralyze the protective cilia. 1
Pneumonia seems to have many causes then, not all of them viral or bacterial in origin. So vaccine would be useless in many cases. And remember, these stupid do gooders are talking about global vaccination programmes. Are they not aware that causes of certain symptoms can vary in different parts of the world. Well no, because while promulgating the idea that a one size fits all vaccine will eradicate pneumonia will not do much to help people in poor countries it does suit the pharmaceutical giants very well. And what about diarrhoea? well same story really. Causes of this illness which is usually a fairly minor ailment in the west range from taking antibiotics to drug abuse, Guillian Barre syndrome to eating unripe fruit and (back to the medical reference book): " malnutrition or the inability of the intestine to absorb nutrients, salt, and water properly, or from a number of conditions that cause the intestine to lose (secrete) fluid and salt. It can also result from conditions such as inflammation of the large or small intestine, as with ileitis or colitis, pelvic inflammation, and toxic shock syndrome and rectal sexually transmitted diseases, especially in homosexual men. Chronic or recurrent diarrhea may be caused by irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, parasitic and fungal infections, food allergies, colon cancer, diverticulitis, malabsorption syndromes, and heavy metal poisoning" and so the list goes on. Not exactly a suitable candidate for being eradicated by a one size fits all vaccine. But again, more important than saving lives is buying the votes of weak and sentimental people for politicians that support the globalist consensus and generating money for big Pharma and their business partners in big finance. The New World Order as some of us like to call the collective of cartels and conglomerates that run the world. Eradicating disease and abolishing death are impossibilities (as has been shown above) but fine ideal typical of thesupranationala left's populist authoritarianism. It is a brave soul (or one who had survived a mild attack of death and doesn't give a flying fuck any more) who would argue the case against saving the lives of thousands of poor children. What kind of unfeeling person would oppose measures to prevent children suffering a miserable death in infancy? The left or 'progressive liberals' as some of them like to call themselves are a notoriously humourless lot and have missed the very obvious irony here. While they may dream of developing a single vaccine that would immunise us against everything including death itself in the poor nations of African, Asia and South America there is one killer no vaccine could ever protect against. Malnutrition;starvation. In the places where pneumonia and diarrhoea are major killers malnutrition is rife. And if those national communities cannot fed all their people now, how will they ever manage if the population starts toincreasee exponentially thanks to medical aid from the west reducing the infant mortality rate? As well as being a direct cause of death, malnutrition weakens the immune system. It's a Catch 22 situation then. Protect third world children from diseases and we expose them to malnutrition. Then the lefties will demand western taxpayers stump up for more food aid. But then it becomes Catch 33. Our medical aid has swelled the population and our food has created a dependency culture (and those who wail and whine about the vilis of colonialism will have kicked off a cultural colonisation of the third world - don't you just love the hypocrisy of the left?) and thus we have provided the incentive and the means to have and support more children Catch 33 becomes Cathch 44. As each solution begets more problems to make the hand wringing left whine "the government must do something" we lose sight of the fact that the wealthy nations aren't all that wealthy any more. We are debtor nations. Greece, Ireland, Iceland and Portugal, while not quite as badly off as Africa's basket case economies have already drowned in the upper reaches of shit creek. Italy, Belgium and Spain are on the brink. the US of A, Britain and Japan are all in dire straits. France is just keeping its head above water and even Germany, the bastion of financial probity is stuggling as the burden of propping up the failing European Single Currency starts to hit hard. China stands aside from the world community as its leaders play their own games. Russia, India, Brazil and the oil rich Arab nations do likewise. Meanwhile the west has no money to throw at another third world humanitarian crisis and the nations that do will use their aid to buy influence with leaders rather thaj vaccinating poor people and so will undermine the west's interests. It does not matter to the left that we are not doing the right thing which would be to look after what is happening in our own backyard, so long as we are seen to be doing the politically correct thing. The people who believe Utopia can be created if only we will all join hands and sing Kumbiya will continue to delude themselves that through collectivism it is possible to make a single global nation in which black and white, east and west, Muslim and Christian can live side by side in perfect harmony. Meanwhile those nations savvy enough to look after their own interests will be bus arming third world tyrants for the purpose of fighting proxy wars. While such soppy ideas have any currency and while people occupying influential positions in politics and the public and charity sector continue to believe in such whimiscal pipe dreams and blindly accept assurances that killer diseases that have multiple causes can be eradicated by vaccination schemes when in fact the problems are caused mainly by malnutrition nothing will change. Until we have politicians who are realists and who have years experience running businesses or holding down jobs in the real world inseatd of going from higher education straight into politics nobody who is in a position to change things will know what to do. And until the soppy, wussy, muddle headed thinking of the middle class Marxist left is flushed out of the education system there will be no hope for the nations and culture spawned by the Graeco-Roman civilisation. --------------------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]Excerpted from The Complete Reference Collection Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 The Learning Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. RELATED POSTS: The arrogance ofeconomists and politicians
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